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Updated: Mar 9

I am often asked why so many of my pieces depict women without heads. They are either completely missing or are replaced with a circle of clouds or stars, feathers or flowers.

Some have said that they make them feel sad and lonely. Some find them beautiful and ethereal, while others find them dark and creepy. These personal reflections are of course the power of art and if they stir ANYTHING in you then I feel good about that.

But why do I do it and what does it mean to me?

'Integration' (available as a print or a puzzle)

For me, it is about the dissolution of ego and becoming one with the universe and the natural world. Who are we without a brain or a mind, without a sense of self? I obviously don’t have the answer to this eternal question, but I have felt it briefly, like a whisper, and it’s gorgeous and expansive and permeated with love. And yes, it’s scary as hell! But even so, it’s what I strive for. Enlightenment? Nirvana? An awakening? Call it what you will. I'm not naive enough to believe that I’ll achieve this lofty goal in this lifetime, but the idea of it is my north star. It informs how I live and practice wellbeing.

'Spirit Matter' (available as an 11x14 giclee print)

AND, not gonna lie, removing heads and sometimes replacing them with something ethereal is just really fun! It has become a bit of a signature move, and while being mindful of not becoming a one-trick pony, I use the technique with meaning and intention. Just like the human spirit, art has no boundaries, and I will continue to follow my intuition and see what symbolism wants to unfold.

What feelings do these headless beauties arouse in you?

'Lay Me Down' (available as an 11x14 giclee print)

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